One Post Leads to Strong Perspective

Yesterday I officially published my first blog post. I actually wrote the majority of the post on Tuesday, July 1, as soon as I got home from ISTE. I had no idea how nervous I would become to actually put it out there into the universe.

In the days that followed, I found myself going back to my reflection to read it again and again. I read and reread the post, as if I were somebody looking at it for the first time. I wanted my emotions and thoughts of the moment to be conveyed precisely without getting lost in a mess of words. I found myself wondering what others would think of my grammar and sentence structure. I can honestly say for the first time in my adult life, I really worked hard to share a piece of my heart and soul in writing.

One thing that people who know me will say is that I am social! I am an extrovert. I love to talk. I love to share what I am thinking. I love to be honest and upfront. I was completely unprepared for the anxious feelings I had about publishing my first post.

Writing this genuine reflection for my blog made me think of my students. There was a lot of conversation at ISTE about making learning and writing authentic for students. We heard about how social media and blogs provided an audience beyond teachers and parents. I was already interested in dabbling with some blogging in the classroom for the upcoming year. However after I experienced the care and determination I felt as a writer of a blog, I knew this HAD to happen this upcoming year.

I persevered through some snafus with WordPress. I am not intuitive with technology, so it doesn’t take much to confuse me. I walked away. I looked at it again. I figured a few things out on my own. Finally, voila, the first post published last night!

I looked over to my husband and triumphantly stated that I officially had a blog. I felt powerful and successful. I had completed step one of my plan to eventually dominate the technology universe! Not only that, but I had also figured out how to link it to Twitter and shared it out with the rest of my small Twitter universe.

As I sat back to enjoy my small victory over the world of technology, I immediately had people commenting, retweeting, and following me due to my blog post. I was surprised, elated, and touched. As I say this, I feel the need to state that I am NOT interested in becoming a Twitter Rock Star, nor did I write my blog because I needed reassurance about myself. However, I am not going to lie, it felt AWESOME!

I can’t exactly put into words how it made me feel to take that uncomfortable step in my learning AND have others validate what I had said too! I felt like I had just been given a winning lottery ticket.

Here are a few of the comments that sent me to the moon:

Kevin Carroll (PDX) ‏@kckatalyst
@tammyleega you’re gonna get ur “GEEK ON!” this upcoming school year – BRAVA! enjoy your chase…
#connect #inspire #empower those STUDENTS!

Tamara Cox ‏@coxtl
@tammyleega I enjoyed your blog post shared by @craigyen so honest and real

Principal Porter ‏@sharonhporter | “@tammyleega I♡this! It only takes a try…You are the perfect example! Before long you will be “thetechyteacher”

Cindy Truett ‏@cindytruett
Can I share with the staff? Love your blog!

Hugh McDonald ‏@hughtheteacher
TY for shout out. Small steps make journey much easier to manage. Love #ISTE2014 reflection!

These comments were special to me because they came from people that I admired. They were genuine to me because they came from people who didn’t know me and just stumbled upon my post. They made me feel connected because there were others that felt just like I did and were making the same journey. There were people out there that wanted to encourage my growth as an educator, and they didn’t even know me!

I can only imagine what this would feel like to a student. What is more inspiring than instant feedback from others that you admire? A comment from that author your class is reading on your thoughts about his/her book would send a student to the moon AND back. A positive comment or connection with another student or classroom that is located in a different place would make a student feel validated and confident.

I began my first blog post for me. It was meant to be a way to make myself accountable. In less than 24 hours, I realize that I wrote that blog post for a million other reasons. One small step leads to the next step. Thanks again for beginning this journey with me!


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