Staying Alive

Small steps this week, but steps still. I updated my website to include some interactive math games for my second grade group. They were very excited to learn how the games worked. One of my students talked about playing in her free time at home too! Yay!

Second Grade Math Links

Genius Hour moved forward, and wow did they get deep! My partner and I were concerned about the kids not feeling free to explore, but boy were we wrong! We went through the process that would be Genius Hour, so the kids could begin with the end in mind. Question, Research, Think, Present. We also discussed how the research and think may go back and forth a good few times before a presentation begins to form. We then let them loose to think about their questions. We had students with questions about God, their bodies, how to sing better, Big Foot, and more! No concerns about the kids being curious anymore!

I have loved that this is our first go at Genius Hour because it is a natural way for us to model how we are conducting our own Genius Hour research. The kids think it is cool that we are going through the process while they are. We are candid about how we are researching and thinking and researching again to think again about our question, “How do you have Genius Hour in a fifth grade class?”. The students see us living the mission, and it makes them feel less risk to join in on the adventure.

Once the students had their questions approved, we quickly realized that they were not adept at researching through technology. I guess we know where we will start next week’s Genius Hour adventure. The challenge will be that we are limited on research tools and content due to firewalls. We will see where this next chapter leads us with a lot of researching and thinking as we fumble through our class Genius Hour projects together!


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